Ali`i Kula Lavender

“It was a great pleasure to have Hui Malama students at our farm! We are thankful that such active and engaged youth are interested in agriculture here on Maui, and we look forward to their return!”
— Koa Chang, General Manager Ali`i Kula Lavender

“Like plants that are nurtured and cared for, they grow strong and healthy. This is the same for our youth. Supporting them, guiding them, and giving them a few “wins” (like water to a plant) builds their confidence and makes them want to go forward. Posing questions to them about the farm, and the industry of agricultural tourism, and ensuring they had the knowledge to give the right answers, set them up for success. This is what I mean about “they need to get a few wins” so they “believe” in what we already “see in them.” Who knows, maybe one student might seek a career in Hawaii agriculture. That would be a huge win for us!”
— Lani Weigert, President Ali`i Kula Lavender & Hawaii AgriTourism Association