Lessons from the Maui Farm

We are so grateful to the Maui Farm for their investment in Hui Malama and its students. Monthly visits to the farm have given our students new lessons on gardening and hard work. Our students have taken what they’ve learned and integrated new ways of planting, maintaining and harvesting our school garden. Taking care of the land has turned into an invaluable lesson on the importance of community service as well as life skills.

January. Beginning a new year with new lessons! Students learned about companion planting through work on a Three Sisters garden – A Native American system of growing corn, squash and beans.

Eager to gain a better understanding of a productive garden, our students listen and learn from the wonderful staff of the Maui Farm.

February at the Maui Farm was focused on worm bins, soil and composting, as well as the benefits of and techniques for creating raised beds.

Our focus in April at our monthly Maui Farm excursion was on propagation, water conservation and urban gardening techniques, as demonstrated through cultivation of potato seeds in horse wire cylinders of hay. Mahalo Maui Farm for these valuable lessons.