Civic Duty student reflections: Kamalei and Connor

Council Member Mike White with students Kamalei, Connor and Chaz and Executive Director Pualani Enos

Council Member Mike White with students Kamalei, Connor and Chaz and Executive Director Pualani Enos

Kamalei A.

On Thursday, March 22, I visited Councilmember White. I felt nervous at first, but the pain in my toes from my sandals got my mind off of being nervous. When I met Councilmember White, I thought he was really nice and easy to talk to. He was also funny because he talked about how he got spankings on the side of the road with his bare butt showing.

Councilmember White asked me what I like about Hui Malama and how the school helps me. I told him that I like Hui Malama because the classes are smaller and the teachers can work with the kids individually. He talked to us about how kids aren’t bad; they just make bad choices. He talked about his mom. She sounds like a really good woman who likes to help people. Before we left, he talked about how Maui needs more aloha and about other stuff. Then before we knew it, it was time to go.

When I got dressed up in business attire, I felt older, but I didn’t want to wear those sandals. I’m just not used to wearing those kinds of clothes. The most difficult part of the visit was keeping myself focused because I can’t sit in one place and not do anything. But I kept myself focused and I enjoyed getting the opportunity to talk to one of the council members. I thought I was prepared, and I thought I did pretty well at our visit.

Connor A.

Our meeting was on March 22 at 9:30am. We met Councilmember Mike White. While we were waiting outside, I felt really nervous but really excited. I wanted to make a good first impression. My first impression of Councilmember White was that he was a very busy man. He asked about what we liked about Hui Malama, and I replied,” it’s better to have more one-on-one attention with the teachers”. He talked about his childhood and how his mother was a probation officer. I would have asked him a couple of questions, but he talked about a lot of things. I thought it was cool because we got to dress up like a business person, an important person. What I didn’t like was that we were on the 8th floor. What I liked about the visit was I was able to meet with a Councilmember. I think that we were all well prepared before we went to the county building.