Civic Duty student reflections: Kianna and Ohu

Council Member Don Couch with students Jonah, Kianna and Ohu

Council Member Don Couch with students Jonah, Kianna and Ohu

Kianna M.

My appointment I had today was with the Councilmember Don Couch at 11 a.m. with Ohu and Jonah. When we were waiting to go into the room, I felt nervous, but I knew what to expect because I’ve done this before, so I knew it was going to be okay!

When it came to the questions, Councilmember Couch didn’t ask us any questions. It was kind of a fast meeting. He talked about the packet that Aunty Pua had brought; they both were discussing the meals that we eat at school. I didn’t ask Councilmember Couch any questions. Maybe I should have.

When I was dressed up in the business attire, I felt uncomfortable just because the heels I was wearing were too tight. As for my outfit, though, it felt good to wear. I felt important in a way. The most difficult part of the visit is that I had a headache. I really liked that our visit wasn’t that long; it was short, and I didn’t need to talk that much. There was nothing that I wish I had known before the visit; everything went fine.

Aunty Pua talked about our food program and how it’s helping us in school, learning better and focusing more. I think Aunty Pua always does a great job. She always knows what to say! She’s a very smart woman. I would have changed nothing about Aunty Pua’s presentation. She did and always does an amazing job!

Ohu B.

Today, I had an appointment with Councilmember Don Couch at 11 a.m. Before the meeting while we were sitting outside, I was calm. I wasn’t nervous at all. My honest first impression of Councilman Couch was that he was really busy. Councilman Couch didn’t ask us anything. He talked to Aunty Pua about the budget and money. I did not ask any questions.

While I was dressed up in my business attire, I felt weird and older, like a lot older than I am. One thing I liked about my visit was that it wasn’t stressful, and we got to get out of school! I didn’t feel like I needed any more preparation than I had. While we were there, Aunty Pua talked to Council member Couch about the budget and what we do with the money that we get. I think that Aunty Pua did a good job speaking. She knew what she was talking about, and she kept him interested the whole time. I wouldn’t change her presentation.